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Written: 2021-01-03

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At the moment, I am currently using sapper, with svelte. Originally I had been using React and Create React App to make the website. I had quite enjoyed using React and Create React App, until I wanted to have a page for each project. While I could have created a different page for each project, I didn’t want to do this, instead I wanted to use something simple like markdown files.

To achieve this, the easiest option would be to use Server Side Rendering, I could have used a React framework, like Next.js or Gatsby, but I wanted to try something new, and I liked the look of svelte, so I landed on Sapper. This has increased the performance of my website, and allowed me to do fun things with Server Side Rendering, like custom meta tags for each page etc, and achieved my original goal of allowing me to use markdown files as a medium for writing project files.


I have decided to go with SCSS as my stylesheet. Originally I went with vanilla css as my stylesheet, but after talking to a friend of mine, I decided to go with SCSS because of features like variables and nested selectors.



You might notice that my design is quite devoid of color. This is because I was not able to decide on a good color pallet, this is a problem I can often have trouble with. So I went with my preferred dark color scheme. Any color pallet suggestions would be great.


I made the layout simple, with not many visual elements on it as I felt that this looked the nicest. I decided to add the shapes to my divs, because I felt they added more to the website than the square tiles I had before, to help make up for lac of color.