Nathan Hare




Who am I

I am a Year 13 student at Whangārei Boys' High School, a member of QRL, and a developer.

I was born and raised in Whangārei, New Zealand. I found my love for IT in my second year of school. From then on I have always tinkered with computers, with my tinkering getting more serious as I got further on through school.

During intermediate (about 11-12 years old), I started messing around with web development, with my skill continuing to grow from there. Through high school, I have competed in several competition, from mathematical modeling to a terrible ideas hackathon. As I come to the end of high school, I look to go to university to complete a bachelor of engineering, majoring in software engineering.

What do I do?

I'm a software developer

Of cause, I have my preferences and specialties. While I can make a website, I'm more into the backend, away from the CSS. I also like to participate in hackathons with my friends. These can range from competitions about cyber security to a competition "what is the worst idea you can come up with?". I always enjoy a challenge, and these competition provide many.

What do I code in


I can program in many languages from C# and .NET, to Java, C/C++, Python, JavaScript. Sometimes if I'm feeling especially funkey, I might do some Haskel.

While I can code in many languages, I have my specialties and favourites, if it's systems or backend, you'll find me coding in the Rust programming language most of the time. If I'm in the browser on the frontend, I'll gravitate towards Scss and TypeScript.

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What do I use

Many things

When it comes to frontend frameworks, I can use React and NextJS, although I'm by no means an expert, my skills like with Svelte and SvelteKit. When I get a rush of blood to the head, I might try some exotic WebAssembly via Rust and the Yew framework. I have also had a bit of experience with Blazor.

I have used JS on the backend before, generally reaching for Express, Next.js or SvelteKit, although I have tried some other options like Nest.JS. In saying this, I have had quite a bit of experience with NodeJS. I have also got a small bit of experience with Python based frameworks, specifically flask and fastapi. In general, I prefer to use rust to write my backends, in frameworks like Actix and Rocket.

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What have I been upto?

Here are some of my recent projects

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Wanna talk

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