Nathan Hare


Nathan Hare

Semi-Professional Googler

  • 💻 Software Developer

  • 📖 Student

  • 🇳🇿 Whangarei, New Zealand

I am a Year 12 student at Whangarie Boys' High School, a swimming coach for Kamo Amateur Swimming Club, a member of Questionable Research Labs, and a developer.

At School, I take Electronics, Digital Technology, Maths, Physics and, Chemistry, and Economics. I have competed in Science Fair, and have won awards at the regional competition twice now. At Questionable, I help many of the younger attendees with their projects as best can.

As a developer, I mostly use programming languages such as Rust, TypeScript, Java, C++. My preferred areas of development are: Native Apps and Backend. I work with, Flutter, React, Svelte, Sapper, Unity Engine, Linux, Firebase, GitHub, Actix Web, Spigot and others.

Recent Projects

Displaying the school notices digital at my school, with an automatic refresh and less paper waste

An application to send out a text message a large number of phone numbers

A plugin to help with the admin of the Technocraft Survival Server, with features to meet our administrative and entertainment needs.

A snake game with some WASM componets

Implementing a BrainF**k interperter in too many languages

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